Taking Sales Enablement to the Next Level

Give Your Sales & Marketing Teams a Winning Formula

Powerful sales and marketing solutions that help you engage buying teams, differentiate from competitors and win more deals. Work seamlessly within your sales process and CRM to get precise recommendations, collaborate with team members, create custom materials, and share your insight and ideas in a truly unique way. We’re taking sales enablement to the next level.

Sales Enablement to the Next Level

Technology and a new approach will elevate your sales to new levels in revenue generation


Complete Sales and Marketing Library

Manage all your content in a secure, online library. Access everything, anywhere, from any device


Personalized Content Marketing

Nurture prospect and client relationships with information delivered in a highly personalized way


Powerful Presentation Management

The most powerful presentation management software available... anywhere


Next Level Sales Enablement

Accent Accelerator provides the right tools to deliver content and coaching that helps you differentiate and win more deals. Align marketing and sales efforts, deliver the right information at the right time, have better conversations, and build trust faster with buyers in the sales process. Accelerator helps you with the right actions, materials and insight to make the buying experience truly exceptional.

Coordinate and Focus Your Sales Resources

It’s no secret that aligning marketing with sales revenue is critical. Accelerator lets you build teams, work together on opportunities, act quickly and bring the right information and conversations to the table. Accent makes combined effort a reality by giving your team the right tools and methodology. It comes down to winning… and Accent gives you the edge.

control and flexibility

Provide a Unique Buying Experience

Respond quickly to buying teams with the precise information they need. Add helpful insight and ideas that help your prospects move forward with confidence in the buying process. Deliver content in a personalized way, giving them the freedom and flexibility to access, review, and share information with influencers and co-workers.

Gain Engagement Insight

Get visibility into buying team activity and level of interest in materials you send. See what they are viewing, downloading and sharing with co-workers. Get notifications on key buyer activities that help you follow-up more effectively and in a timely way.

Email Marketing

Easy Content Marketing

Stay top-of-mind with clients and prospects between calls and meetings with relevant messages, articles and time sensitive information. Automated campaigns with personalized, 1-to-1 communications provide high-quality touch points with minimal effort. Content marketing increases the power of your presentation management library. Personalized client and prospect portals set you apart from competitors.

file Sharing

Flexible File Sharing

File sharing and delivery through secure, web-based microsites right from your online library. Keep it in the Cloud and make sharing files and information with clients and prospects fast and easy. Many ways to share files, folders, videos and PowerPoint presentations. Complete visibility and notification on what has been opened, viewed, downloaded and shared. Everything you need to share and deliver materials in a unique, personalized way.

Mobile Access On-The-Go

Quickly access your online library from anywhere. React faster to customer requests, increase level of service and strengthen client relationships by building custom PowerPoint presentations from your mobile device. Librarian offers file sharing, email marketing, PowerPoint presentation management and custom content delivery on-the-go from your online library.

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